CEO’s Message

UCLF is a fraternity of Christian legal professionals and a Non-Governmental Organisation which was started in 1987 as a fellowship of Christian law students but has since grown to about 400 members who are working in all facets of the Justice, Law and Order Sector.  Our vision is for a world where justice and human dignity is a reality for all and our mission is to share our faith in Christ Jesus, promote access to justice and the respect for human dignity, through speaking up, fellowship, mentorship and defending the rights of the vulnerable.

Uganda Christian Fraternity stands out to plead for the cause of the poor and the needy and bring together Christian lawyers’ for fellowship with the aim of harnessing their professional skills and abilities to enable sharing of Christ, extension of legal aid and access to justice services for the vulnerable and indigent in our society through offering legal aid, paralegal advisory services, legal awareness, Alternative Dispute Resolution, policy advocacy and research. We do this through mobilizing resources both locally and internationally.

UCLF is the only membership organisation in Uganda that brings together advocates and Judicial Officers. UCLF also exceptionally provides a platform for mentorship of young lawyers and law students. UCLF’s has also established a resource centre for law, which is accessible to all members. UCLF has also been accredited by the Law Council to offer Continuous Legal Education (CLE) to its members and other advocates in practice.

Annually our lawyer members commit a part of their income to support the UCLF Pro bono fund, this fund has been pledged for supporting access to justice in Criminal matters through facilitating plea bargain in Kayunga Prison, facilitating trainings for self-representation, community rights awareness and education of prisoners on court processes. This support is also used to facilitate the UCLF volunteers, the environmental awareness programs and providing remuneration for staff dealing with Criminal matters at the Secretariat.

Additionally UCLF has enjoyed the good will and support of Donors including the Baptist Mission Society of UK and Lawyers’ Christian Fellowship of UK.

UCLF membership is open to law students (UGX 25,000/=), Lawyers/Advocates/Judges (UGX 100,000/=) and institutional membership (UGX 250,000/=). You can reach out to the membership team on

UCLF is the place for you to be if you want to grow spiritually, have a touch on the indigents, give back to the community, learn from senior members of the profession through mentorship, be accountable to others and engage in all forms of Christian outreach.

Come join us, tell someone about us.

God bless you.

I thank you.



Chief Executive Officer

Uganda Christian Lawyers’ Fraternity.