Assistance given to Twikiriza Judith

On the 28th March 2017 a UCLF Paralegal Helen Candiru attached to Wandegeya police station while attending a suspect’s parade, found one female suspect by names Twikiriza Judith being charged with offence of Infanticide contrary to the Penal Code Act, Laws of Uganda. She told the paralegal her story that followed it up with the

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Tumusiime Henry

Ugandan schoolboy Tumusiime Henry was 15 when he was accused of murder the first time. While he waited almost two years for the trial to begin he was accused of a second murder. But then he met an American lawyer who slowly realised it was up to him to come to the rescue of an

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Jesca Nasiiwa

Jessica Nasiwa reported to UCLF that her mother who at the time of her death had been in an Islamic marriage with another man. That man had bought a plot of land for her and her children and they had lived on it together for 20 years. Towards the time of her death, her husband

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