Assistance given to Twikiriza Judith

Assistance given to Twikiriza Judith

On the 28th March 2017 a UCLF Paralegal Helen Candiru attached to Wandegeya police station while attending a suspect’s parade, found one female suspect by names Twikiriza Judith being charged with offence of Infanticide contrary to the Penal Code Act, Laws of Uganda.

She told the paralegal her story that followed it up with the OC CID of Wandegeya Police to get his view. She later discovered that the suspect had been arrested and detained in Wandegeya Police cells after her land lord complained and reported a case against her.

Judith gave birth in Mulago Referral hospital from a C- section and after she was discharged on the 15th March 2017, she went back to Makindye with her baby where she lived. After three days, the baby fell sick and prompted her to go back with it to Mulago Hospital on the 19th March 2017; unfortunately the baby died on the 21st of March 2017 from the Hospital, Judith being helpless because her husband had ran away from when he discovered that she was pregnant did not have hope of assistance from anyone.

She sneaked out of the hospital without the baby and ran back home. The landlord who was curious asked her where the baby was and she told her, the baby had died but she instead thought Judith had murdered the infant because of her situation and decided to report her to Katwe Kibuye Police station where after the case was transferred to Wandegeya police station for further investigations.

The Paralegal approached the OC CID of Wandegeya police station and she was released after investigations showed she had not killed her baby but had instead died due to a disease.


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