Bahighene Betty gets Justice

Bahighene Betty gets Justice

Bahighene Betty aged 38 years a resident of Kinyabwamba village, Kistwamba sub county was charged with an offence of Aggravated Defilement of the one Muhindo Roney aged 2 and a half  years. Something she claimed did not do. She stated thus, ‘‘I went to rent a house in Kanyatsi and found a lady (Kabatooro) with whom I had fought with for a man, she welcomed us and gave my brother a lot of alcohol which got him so drunk. She welcomed me into the house that I had rented the next day after my brother had left; I swept the house and organized it. Later in the day, Kabatooro requested me to take care of her son who was 2 and a half years, she (Kabatooro) went out to get bread for the child and left me with him resting on the bed together with another child.

I was then forced to wake up hearing noise from two men who false fully claimed that I had undressed Kabatoros’ son and that I had sexual intercourse with him, I was left in shock, they called the police which arrested me and took me to Hima police station, later I was taken to Kavera barracks health center and checked, I was found HIV negative.

I was then remanded and committed.

Around November 2016  I was cause listed for High court and an advocate from Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity approached me and offered to represent me in Court, this gave me hope as I shared my story with him and continued to hold on to my confession that I had not in any way defiled the young boy.

Due to the political insecurities in the Kasese region, Court was not able to sit and hear my case during the specified dates.

 In February 2017, I was again brought back to Kasese for the Court session; needless to say, I was filled with fear that I was going to be imprisoned for an offence I had not committed.

On the 9th February 2017, I appeared before the Court sitting in Kasese, the presiding Judge read the charges to me which I pleaded Not guilty to; Witnesses kept dodging even after several summons were delivered to them  by the State. On the 27 February 2017 thanks be to God, my case was brought to an end, it was dismissed and I was acquitted of the charges. I greatly thank the Uganda Christian Lawyers Fraternity advocate for having wholeheartedly assisted me to access justice.


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