Biira Sophia a widow in kasese

Biira Sophia a widow in kasese

Sophia’s late husband had left behind a will having distributed different pieces of land to his children and wife.  Her share had been sold fraudulently by her son, KIKUNDI JUMA to ASABA Joseph who even after refunding his money ignored picking his money. Sophia for 4 years had moved to different offices, individuals,  right from sub county chief, local leaders, police, elders of the village, lawyers in Kasese and also the district officials for assistance to recover her land but was never assisted. “I thought to myself, where shall I be buried when I die,”she said.  But finally the probation officer referred her to the UCLF Kasese office.

UCLF through a Court suit got orders for the respondent Mr Asaaba Joseph to pick the refund of his purchase price and also to vacate the land. Sophia hearing this judgment was happy that finally the intervention of the Uganda Christian lawyers who even didn’t ask for any money had finally brought the case to an end

“ever since you lawyers helped me secure my land from Asaba I can now sleep and smile because I have where to look at as my own God will surely bless you for me and the organization will continue to grow so it helps widows out there” Sophia says and smiles.


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