Butomwe Nelson and Kalhungula Wilson saved from Land grabbers

Butomwe Nelson and Kalhungula Wilson saved from Land grabbers

Bulitomwe Nelson and Kalhungula Wilson were residents of Bwera sub-county (Nyakabale village and Muhindi villages respectively).

After completing a course in wild life conservation, Nelson got support from friends from Canada to empower the wild life affected villages in the community against poaching by giving them some small income generating projects. They later started constructing schools to help the community in education and the first  school (Peter Hunt) was accommodated in a church of Uganda land in Muhindi village, Bwera sub county who after a year decided to end the tenancy. Nelson then acquired loans and purchased land for the school in Mpondwe- Lhubiriha town council which later formed Bwera vocational.

As the school was progressing, one of the affiliate groups, Muhindi anti-poaching group started demanding for the property claiming to be the owners. They claimed 23.000.000(twenty three million shillings) which the chairman of the group Mr. Kimbwembe said had been taken by Nelson in acquiring the schools and plots and therefore the reason they claimed the property. These wrangles had taken a twist right from 2011 to 2016 when they then decided to go to court and then served Nelson with the plaint.

On receiving the summons, Nelson rushed to UCLF office in Kasese for help. Trial started in court and a number of witnesses were brought to court. From the expertise of the Senior Legal Officer Kasese, it was realized that there were no minutes for the group to open up a school, no acknowledgment for the 23,000,000 shillings being alleged and there was no letter authorizing John Kimbwembe to sue on behalf of Muhindi Anti – Poaching group. On the other hand, there was evidence of Nelson purchasing the plots of land and getting to SACCOs for money to buy the land. In court judgment was passed in favor of Nelson our client this year 2017 . This brought a smile on Nelson face. He kept calling the legal assistant to thank him for UCLFs presence and the help they give to indigent clients in the region.

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