Jesca Nasiiwa

Jesca Nasiiwa

Jessica Nasiwa reported to UCLF that her mother who at the time of her death had been in an Islamic marriage with another man. That man had bought a plot of land for her and her children and they had lived on it together for 20 years. Towards the time of her death, her husband wrote a document in which he gave the house to his wife the mother to our client.

The problem at hand was that the husband to the late mother of our client had given to the children who were staying with their mother in the house at the time of her death a notice to vacate it within two days. Nasiiwa reported on a Friday and according to the notice, they were supposed to vacate the house that they had known as their home for 20 years on Sunday, a day when most law enforcement officers are not on duty.

We immediately wrote a letter challenging the legality of the notice and demanding that the children should be given more time and also asked him to report to our office for a mediation within a period of one week. To ensure that our communication is respected, we copied the same letter to the police and the area local council.

We carried out mediation with the husband to the late mother of our client at the police station where he had opened criminal charges against our client and her siblings alleging that they had stolen documents concerning ownership of his house. In the end it was agreed that the house be sold, and the children of the deceased share equally with the widower. The matter was finally concluded and we helped the children to share the money from the proceeds of the sale.

He also committed to drop the criminal charges that he had brought against the children of his wife. The challenge in this particular case is that the neighbors who had previously agreed to be witnesses for the children had been intimidated out of the case and they had since changed sides. It was indeed a great break through to see that in the end the matter was resolved amicably


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