Gulu Office

Gulu office has been established since 2007 with one paralegal Ogwang Amos. The office has grown with a staff advocate Atimango Jolly, Legal manager Linda Darby and child protection officer Valerie Kasamani, student intern Sharon Topister.

The areas of intervention are:

  • Child protection department: Headed by Valerie Kasamani and oversight by Linda Darby. The team provides guidelines for schools and their staff to create safe environment for children. The policies protect both children and staff by clearly defining what action is required in order to keep children safe, and ensure consistency of behavior so that all staff members follow the same process. Furthermore Valerie, our legal intern Sharon Topister have led weekly radio shows on parenting during the pandemic with a focus on preventing child abuse and promoting child protection.
  • Legal aid department: Headed by staff advocate Jolly Atimango and oversight by Linda Darby. The department provides legal advice and legal representation to marginalized and vulnerable clients. Conduct follow ups of client cases at police and draft pleadings and legal documents. Assist and draft clients write wills. Furthermore, the department conduct alternative disputes resolutions within communities. The team has also involved and helped Gulu University to start their Christian student fellowship.
  • Community land rights: Headed by paralegal Ogwang Amos and Jolly Atimango and with oversight by Linda Darby. The department conducts land rights awareness and legal clinics as well as radio sensitization on community land rights. In addition, the team trains pastors and local leaders in three districts of Gulu, Amuru, Nwoya on land ownership and land rights.